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Can You Improve Your Memory

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For the longest time, I thought I had a bad memory and that there was nothing I could do about. I accepted it. I was bad at remembering peoples names, bad at remembering phone numbers (although who does that anymore), and bad at remembering how to spell (because lets be honest – spelling isnt logical, its all about memorization).

But the more I started learning about the brain, the more I realized, the brain isnt static. In fact, the brain is plastic.

Your brain is made up of billions of neurons that are interconnected and intertwined. But these connections are not permanent. They are ever changing. You can train your brain to be better at certain things. You can improve upon your weaknesses. Even if you suck at memorization, you can train your brain to great at it.

New companies are popping up all over, providing simple games, designed by neuroscientists, to improve the basic functions of your brain (focus, memory, and speed).

Additionally, supplement companies are providing better and better products for improve brain performance. Companies like  SmartX by Cerebral Success were even featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, and won investment from Barbara Corcoran. Check out this review, to see does Cerebral Success really work.

Since I started taking a brain supplement and started intentionally practicing and exercising my memory, I have been able to dramatically improve my overall brain performance (as measured by Lumosity).

I believe that the industry for brain training will continue to grow. People are starting to realize that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to do more than lift weights. You need to care for and exercise your brain as well.

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5 Steps to Harness the Power of Focus

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I had just spent the last 45 minutes in the pool. I got out and felt completely drained. I was relishing the fatigue that accompanies a long swim. I got in my car and headed home. On the way I saw my arch-nemesis, my favorite mexican restaurant. I deserved to eat a giant smothered cheesy burrito right? I needed it! I thought better of it but in the end I pulled right up and got right in line.

I was not focused. My focus on my goals failed. The part of your brain that focuses is in the prefrontal cortex near the front of your brain. This part of the brain is critical in helping you fight off temptation, choosing the right foods, staying motivated and preventing self-destructive binges. However, this part of the brain, like every other part of your body needs to be maintained and nurtured. The following 5 steps will help you harnass the power of focus.

Avoid Battles

People with the best self-control are not the best at resisting temptation. They are the best at avoiding temptation. This is a well understood principle in psychology and you need to know it. Don’t ever put yourself in a position where you will have to resist temptation, avoid the position entirely.

Celebrate Smart

We all have a desire to reward ourselves when we have done what we deem is a good job on anything. I thought that the documentary ‘pumping iron’, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger was a good example of this. The second they finished their bodybuilding competition they all celebrated and started eating cake. The important part is to not allow the reward to overpower the benefit of the work. Don’t eat donuts after running a mile. Actually, just avoid donuts altogether.

Take Supplements

There are a handful of supplements for the brain that have been clinically shown to improve memory, accuracy, and focus. One of those natural supplements is omega-3 fish oil. Fish oil is one of the most studied and recommended supplements by doctors. Check out this comprehensive list of all the best study drugs.

Sleep Well

Here’s a surprising statement. Your mind doesn’t work as well when it’s tired. How are you supposed to be focused on your fitness goals when your mind isn’t working properly? Careful of consuming too much caffeine before bed and also be aware that the majority of people’s excess calories are racked up after 8 pm.

Don’t rationalize

Any one can convince themselves that “______ isn’t that bad.” This ranch dressing on my pizza won’t affect me…Wrong! Train yourself to take everything that would ruin your goals over-dramatically. The girl that freaks out when she sees grease on a pizza knows what she’s doing.

Feed your Focus

Your brain runs off glucose in the blood. fruits and vegetables and whole-grains that have a low Glycemic index are great for maintaining constant glucose and energy levels to the brain for optimal focus on the tasks at hand. A well fed brain means a brain that is not easily distracted by anything or anyone.

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Lifting Heavy is a Surefire way to Gain Strength & Size


We’re all familiar with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but what most don’t realize is how he set the tone for bodybuilding during the “golden era” with his workout regimens based on lifting extremely heavy weights. Back in the 80s and 90s, when bodybuilding really began to hit the scene, there was one star that continued to rise above the rest; the Austrian Oak. Known for his unparalleled aesthetics and strength, Arnold had some rather impressive numbers for the 3 primary strength-gaining exercises;

Squat: 545 Pounds

Bench Press: 500 Pounds

Deadlift: 710 Pounds

For most young bodybuilders, it’s important to understand that strength is the foundation for everything. Regardless of your respective sports, you can’t have attributes like power, agility, and explosiveness without first building a foundation built with strength. We always recommend two basic tests for strength training, which should be personal goals for each athlete and/or bodybuilder to hit, both of which are true testaments to strength;

  • Can you perform 10 “sternum-to-bar” chin-ups/pull-ups?
  • Can you squat at least 1.5 times (at least 2 times) your bodyweight?

In order to get stronger and to get bigger, you should be focused on competing against your own training regimen and training logs and focus on getting stronger on a consistent basis. During strength training, as opposed to repetition training, we highly recommend sticking with rep sets of between either 4-6, or 5-7 reps. When training with the proper intensity, which means focusing on lifting heavy weights, optimal frequency seems to be around 50-60 reps performed every 5-7 days. Believe it or not, typically, all it takes is 9-12 quality, heavy sets for your entire workout.

Now, in terms of moving up in weight, we typically recommend following the 4-6, or 5-7 rep range. Once you can complete three heavy sets with those rep ranges, we recommend increasing weight with barbells by 5 pounds each and 10 pounds total for barbell exercises. When training heavy, resting period’s in-between sets is also crucially important. We always recommend to rest between 2-3 minutes in between heavy sets, which is a perfect amount of time to fully recoup your strength, so that you can give maximum effort on your remaining heavy sets.

Fighting fatigue is often half the battle for most bodybuilders when focusing primarily on heavy lifting, which is why we always recommend a great pre-workout supplement to aid you in your training!

Weight lifting and working out in general is great for overall health, as well as brain health.

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