New Partnership with Foterra Jewelry

Photography is my first love but I also love to work with glass to create jewelry and other artwork. (You can see me work on my sister site: I’ve want to marry the two loves but haven’t yet found a way of my liking. Then recently I stumbled on some jewelry that is light weight, made of Sterling Silver (my preferred metal) and resin. The resin can hold photographic images and keep the jewelry very lightweight (That’s important to me for earrings especially)!

Foterra Jewelry is a small business in Hawaii who works with selective artists (photographers mostly) to put their work on this fine jewelry. Most of their existing works are of tropical subjects like beaches, sunsets, flowers etc. They have 42 photographers as of this writing from different areas of the country and abroad (including me, right here in Florida). The images are sent to their shop of artisans in Portland, Oregon who form the resins to make the jewelry and ship the products from there. (Much cheaper and faster than shipping from Hawaii.)

I am excited to be one of there photographers. I choose which images to use and how they’ll be placed on the jewelry. I am in the process of designing rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for them and for me. Each piece of jewelry comes with a miniature print of my original image as well. And if you prefer gold finish instead of silver, well that’s also an option.

Currently I am showing my jewelry pieces here at but to purchase the pieces, you’ll be directed to Foterra’s website.

I love this new collaboration and I hope you do too!

White Begonia Earrings: Sterling and Resin

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